Dry Scalp Home Treatments


What is dryness of scalp?

Dryness of scalp is the condition of loss of moisture from the skin of the scalp, leading to various other dermatological disorders like dandruff and itchy scalp in the long run if not treated properly. Irritation of skin is the first phase and is the greatest symptom of this condition, and help should be taken at that very moment else it may lead to further dryness, leading to rupture of the scalp skin and constant wear and tear resulting in dandruff in the next stage and itchy scalp in the next. This leads to the loss of moral self esteem of the suffer, as well as confidence in his social life, if things are not taken care properly, then this may also lead to depression due to high social stigma attached with the disorder.


What causes dry scalp?

Generally the disruption in the proper diet of the person or the change in environmental and living conditions due to relocation may cause this problem. In cities the culprit is excessive air pollution and stress, also dirt and high amount of acid particles in air can cause this conditions which are at a high level in industrial centers and big metros. Modern products finding a common use in the city offices presently like the air conditioners also cause this condition, due to the excessive drying of the surrounding air, further this problem may arise during winters when the air is excessively dry.

The main problem and the cause of this problem is the non functionality or blocking of the oil pores of the scalp, also known as sebaceous glands in human physiology, a common misconception is that wetting the hair by frequently washing it can cure the disorder but it actually multiplies problems by causing more dryness due to harsh soaps and shampoos which take away moisture from the hair rendering the scalp dry, so this is no treatment for it. Some people prefer oiling their hair, but excessive oiling may also lead in attraction of dirt particles leading to compounding of the problem, so this also doesn’t solve it.


Dry scalp home treatments

Nothing is better than using herbal care and finding a remedy in the home itself, rather than spending a huge sum consulting dermatologists and beauticians in order to provide cure. Some of the various dry scalp home treatments are as follows:

  1. Using a mixture of Rum, which is aged for around 6-7 hours with onions which are sliced, can solve the problem, it has to be dissolved partially and the solution has to be used to massage the scalp very gentry so as to not cause further damage to the scalp. This type of dry scalp home treatment is the most primitive and very effective.
  2. Some red chilies and flakes of garlic when heated in castor oil, and that oil is used in order to massage the scalp can also solve the problem and be used as a good dry scalp home treatment, however this has to be continued for a couple of weeks and is generally a slow process, but it provides a lot of shine and luster to the hair and makes it smooth and silky, so the slow process is no disadvantage.
  3. Yoghurt when applied on the hair and kept for a few minutes after shampooing in the hair can relieve the problem a lot and is the most common form of treatment found at home of most of the people. It is the simplest of all treatments and is the most effective dry scalp home treatment.

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