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Hair forms a major part in one’s personality. The way one looks, depends a lot on the texture of his or her hair. That is the reason that special care should be taken as far as hairs are concerned.

However, majority of times, we ignore the real issue behind the problem and our focus lies on something that is out of context. Majority of time, we keep blaming various factors for the bad quality of hair, but we forget about the scalp. Scalp if is itchy and flaky can cause a lot of damage to the hair.
Importance of scalp remedies:

Scalp form a very important part in forming the texture and quality of the hair. The scalp are required to be kept clean as well as free of any sort of problem so that the hair can grow properly and so that they remain healthy and intact. A healthy scalp enhances the growth and consolidates the roots of the hair, and prevents hair fall, which is a major problem of the present era.

Thus, if you too are facing the problem of hair fall, one of the many reasons can be the scalp. Our scalp requires time to time nourishment and various essential substances in order to remain healthy.
Significance of Home remedies:

The need of maintaining a healthy scalp is understood by man, and thus many prefer saloons and parlors to get the scalp treated. However there are many home remedies too, that can help one is sorting out the problems of the scalp. But there are people who are not comfortable or cannot afford the parlors for such problems.

For the itchy and Flaky scalp, there are various kinds of itchy and flaky scalp home remedies, which can be applied in order to get rid of the problem. These home remedies can be used by the people who prefer not to go to the parlors and salons.
Few popular Home remedies:

One of the most popular itchy flaky scalp home remedies is treatment of hair with apple cider vinegar. Apple cider Vinegar has been used as the treatment for itchy and flaky scalps since ages. The main reason of the cause of itchy and flaky scalp is because of some disorder in nutrition, lifestyle, or by the effect of some harmful chemicals. Thus, in order to get rid of the problem, one has treated the hair with a complete solution, which is present in the Apple cider vinegar.
Apart from this, oil of lavender, Eucalyptus, and German Chamomile can be mixed together with parts of water to get best results when this problem prevails.
Other important itchy flaky scalp home remedies are the treatment of hair with Fenugreek seeds. Mixed with the lime juice, fenugreek seeds bring outstanding results.
One can also treat the hair with zinc and selenium mixed in coconut oil. This is also considered one of the best itchy flaky scalp home remedies. Apart from this one is also prescribed to eat food that is rich in Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin B6, B12, and E.
If the problem prevails, one should immediately consult a dermatologist.

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